M9 Vet Ultrasound System

The Mindray M9 VET Portable Color Ultrasound Machine is a premium hand-carried ultrasound system developed for veterinary examination. Based on Mindray’s new generation ultrasound platform, mQuadro, the M9 VET has raised the industry standards to an all new level. Its technical features include: Advanced multi-beam formation to highly increase the frame rate; patented 3T transducer technology with single crystal; Echo Boost (2D Echo optimization and enhancement technology); HDR Flow (high dynamic range color flow technology); and HR Flow (high resolution color flow technology). With the M9 VET you get premium capability along with easy mobility, all in an innovative green design.

• New generation platform with robust processing power
• Single crystal transducer with 3T™ technology
• Echo Boost™ cardiac image optimization
• High Dynamic Range color flow Doppler
• Improved penetration for technically difficult patients
• 15.6″ high resolution LED monitor
• Durable magnesium alloy case

• Advanced ergonomic cart design
• UWN+ contrast imaging for LVO
• Full suite of transducers for a wide variety of applications
• VAccess: easily connects to your workstation, allowing access to essential patient reporting directly from system
• WiFi: wireless interface to network
• 5 Year warranty

C11-3s (Micro-Convex)

Applications: Small Animal Abdominal, Small Animal Cardiac, Vascular
FOV: 100°
Convex radius: 15 mm
Biopsy kit: NGB-018, multi-angle, reusable

L12-4s (Linear)

Applications: Musculoskeletal, Nerve, Small Parts, Superficial, Vascular
FOV: 38 mm
Biopsy kit: NGB-007, multi-angle, reusable

P10-4s (Sector)

Applications: Small Animal Abdominal, Small Animal Cardiac,
FOV: 90°
Biopsy kit: NA

P7-3s (Sector)

Applications: Small Animal Abdominal, Small Animal Cardiac
FOV: 90°
Biopsy kit: NA

SP5-1s (Sector)

Applications: Veterinary Abdominal, Veterinary Cardiac
FOV: 90°
Biopsy kit: NGB-011, multi-angle, reusable

6LE5Vs (Linear)

Applications: Equine and large animal reproductive ultrasound imaging and the occassional tendon imaging.
FOV: 50 mm
Biopsy kit: NA

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