TE5 Vet

TE5 Vet Ultrasound System

TE5 Vet

Looking for an ultrasound machine that combines user friendly design and high-end image quality?  Look no further than the new TE5 Vet by Mindray.

This easy-to-use tablet style model is a comprehensive solution that caters to a wide variety of animal species ranging from small companion to large animals and everything in between. Mindray has updated this popular touch tablet to be a full solution for Veterinary cardiac imaging while still providing excellent abdominal, small parts and musculoskeletal imaging. Its user focused design still includes a 15” seamless touchscreen with anti-glare and wide-angle view.

As at-home in fast-paced emergency hospitals as it is in general companion animal practices, the TE5 Vet provides easy control and setting optimization with the swipe of a finger.


Gesture-Based Workflow
Gesture controls are the most efficient way to satisfy all clinical functions and also allow flexibility of user-programming.

iVocal allows you to control the system with Artificial Intelligence voice recognition technology. It applies extensive yet straightforward voice remote commands through a wireless microphone, further enhancing ultrasound users’ comfort and ergonomics during the entire procedure, supporting adding, deleting, and renaming voice commands for user-defined command list.

The second-generation needle enhancement technology allows a straightforward needle approach to target and enhanced accuracy for guided procedures.

Smart design with innovative ergonomics:

    • 15’’ touch screen with anti-glare and wide viewing angle
    • Transducer cable management for cord longevity and ease of use
    • Built-in battery provides extended battery life
    • Built-in wireless network
    • Height adjustable smart trolley
Transducers c11-3s
C11-3s (Micro-Convex)
One probe solution for small animal.
 Small Animal Abdominal, Small Animal Cardiac, Vascular

FOV: 100°
Convex radius: 15 mm
Biopsy kit: NGB-018, multi-angle, reusable
L12-4s (Linear)
Applications: MSK, Nerve, Small Parts, Superficial, Vascular
FOV: 38 mm
Biopsy kit: NGB-007, multi-angle, reusable
Features: iNeedle+ for needle enhancement
L14-6Ns (Linear)
Applications: MSK, Nerve, Pediatrics, Small Parts, Superficial, Vascular
FOV: 38 mm
Biopsy kit: NGB-007, multi-angle, reusable
Features: iNeedle+ for needle enhancement
P10-4s (Phased Array)
High Frequency Phased-Array for small dogs and cats.
Applications: Small Animal Abdominal, Small Animal Cardiac,
FOV: 90°
P7-3s (Phased Array)
Great Resolution Phased-Array for dogs and mid-size animals.
Applications: Small Animal Abdominal, Small Animal Cardiac
FOV: 90°
SP5-1s (Phased Array)
Single Crystal Phased-Array for large animals.
Applications: Veterinary Abdominal, Veterinary Cardiac
FOV: 90°

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