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Mindray Veterinary Ultrasound

Mindray ultrasound imaging solutions, including both cart-based and portable systems, are designed to enhance veterinarians’ confidence in diagnosis with excellent image quality, dedicated veterinary presets and user-friendly workflow.
With deep insights into our customers, we bring significant benefits to veterinarians by offering visualized animal care.

Butterfly IQ+ Vet
Handheld Ultrasound

Ultrasound – now on your compatible Android or iOS device.
Download the Butterfly app, plug in your device, and select between 12 optimized presets with our intuitive touch-based app.
Build your scanning confidence from day one with built in expert taught tutorials including POCUS.

30 day risk free money back guarantee


The Hands-On Course – miEducation prides itself on being the ‘hands-on’ people. Our students benefit from the most direct learning experiences in the business. We bring in only highest qualified lecturers and instructors to enrich and maximize your learning experience with us.

Patient Monitors

Mindray’s ePM10 Vet and ePM12 Vet monitors are the inspired result of cutting-edge innovation and exceptional efficiency. Experience the immediate and measurable benefits of the smartphone-like user interface that delivers 90% of all common monitoring functions with just 2 gestures.

10M-12M transuder

Digital Radiography

Partnering with Nuon Imaging and their complete line of Wall-to-Wall™ radiology products and services, we provide and service everything you need to keep your radiology room running worry free for years to come.

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Introducing the

Butterfly IQ+ Vet


Now on your
Android or
iOS device