Our Mission

miVetSource, and our sister company miEducation, are Canadian owned and operated out of Orangeville Ontario.

Until 2019 we were known as miSource, a multi-modality ultrasound provider that served both the human and veterinary markets across Canada.  From the early 2000’s the miSource team grew to become one of the country’s most comprehensive ultrasound service provider, sales leader, and educator.

Early in 2019, and under new management, a new and exciting form of the company began to take shape.  Focus was shifted to where we saw the greatest need and highest rate of under representation in Canada:  the Veterinary market.  With a slight rebranding, we changed our name to miVetSource to let our clients know we were here to focus specifically on their needs.

We are solution providers for ultrasound users.  We are problem solvers.  We are guides.  We are business partners.  We are educators.

If you are considering adding ultrasound to your companion animal practice but don’t know where to begin, we can help.  Our team will work with your clinic to understand your practice and provide product demos on the models that will best suit your needs.  We provide training through miEducation to allow you to learn and use your ultrasound in the most effective manner to provide the best care for your patients.  This can be a simple half day scanning practice guided by our team of OVC radiologists, all the way up to an intensive three day workshop.

Maybe you already have a scanner that you have been dragging from barn to barn and clinic to clinic for the last decade.  Technology changes and we would like to introduce you to the latest features that will enhance the practice you already have.

Are your patient monitoring devices or infusion pumps getting to be more hassle than help?  We have those solutions for you as well.

Email or call us today for more details on the ways we can help improve the productivity and efficiency of your practice.