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Butterfly IQ+ Vet

Diagnostic imaging for every animal.
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Leveraging our most advanced Ultrasound-on-Chip™ technology, we redesigned our probe to bring veterinary imaging to the next level


Bringing vision to veterinary care.

Expedite care timelines and help improve outcomes with handheld, multi-species veterinary imaging.



Bladder assesment and treatment.

Detect UTIs and perform cystocentesis with the optimized bladder preset and NeedleViz™.

Build your scanning
confidence from day one.

Begin your POCUS journey with expert-taught
tutorials, right in the Butterfly app.

Ultrasound - now on your compatible Android or iOS device.

Download the Butterfly app, plug in your device, and select between 12 optimized presets with our intuitive touch-based app.


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