Digital Imaging


The MyVet table system is a revolutionary Veterinary Elevating DR X-Ray Table System which delivers silent elevation to fulfill comfort and stability. The MyVet table is both cost effective,and designed to improve patient workflow in your veterinary practice.

I2D Panoramic

Veterinary specialized panoramic scanning technology and a smart acquisition software provide superior full mouth diagnostic images in a short time. Animal size selection switch and a positioning laser light guides practitioners right position the patient easy and quickly

X500 Table

The 32kW high frequency generator ensures the lowest dose exposures by optimal exposure techniques by selecting the maximum mA based on kVp and mAs. A rotating anode x-ray tube with dual focal spots provides superb image quality for confident diagnosis.



The new standard for veterinary computed tomography is the MyVet CT i3D SL , incorporating innovative spiral linear technology. The linear detector acquires thin image slices within a large field of view as the x-ray tube circles around the advancing table.

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