i3D CT

i3D CT

Spiral linear CT system with scout view feature

• High image quality at low x-ray dose

• 3D CT mode and 2D scan mode • Superior soft tissue image

• 23 inch wide bore diameter

• Narrow slice thickness

• Large FOV

• Fast installation and easy set up

Advanced Technology Application:

The new standard for veterinary computed tomography is the MyVet CT i3D SL , incorporating innovative spiral linear technology. The linear detector acquires thin image slices within a large field of view as the x-ray tube circles around the advancing table.

Large Bore Design in a Compact Footprint:

A large bore accommodates medium/large dogs and the elevating table facilitates animal positioning in center of bore to maximize image acquisition. The overall compact system design provides a more efficient and space-saving work environment.

Obtain High Image Quality:

The 0.4 mm to 0.8 mm narrow slice thickness and optimized image contrast with 14-bit grey-scale maximizes image quality. Acquiring images with a narrow beam superior image contrast by reducing scattered radiation effects associated with cone beam image acquisition. Images can be displayed using 3D reconstruction techniques.

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