Vetus 50

Vetus 50 Ultrasound System

Introducing the Vetus 50 from Mindray, a next generation ultrasound system equipped with innovative tools to increase your diagnostic confidence.

  • 21.5 inch LCD monitor, with 13.3 inch touch screen
  • State of the art ComboWave™ transducer with 3T™ technology
  • HD Scope™ for improved image detail and contrast
  • HR Flow™ for high quality imaging of vessels and flow patterns
  • Smart Calc™ for accurate measurements
  • iMeasure™ for automatic suggestion of clinical conditions
  • Portable
  • Quiet
  • Plethora of learning tools for streamlined training
C5-1 Transducer
C11-3s (Micro-Convex)

Applications: Small Animal Abdominal, Small Animal Cardiac, Vascular
FOV: 100°
Convex radius: 15 mm
Biopsy kit: NGB-018, multi-angle, reusable

C5-1s (Curved)

Applications: General purpose abdominal (adult and pediatric, including vascular), bowel, obstetrical, gynecological, prostate and interventional applications
FOV: 111°
Biopsy kit: NGB-007, multi-angle, reusable

P10-4s (Sector)

Applications: Small Animal Abdominal, Small Animal Cardiac,
FOV: 90°
Biopsy kit: NA

P8-2s (Sector)

Applications: Small Animal Abdominal, Small Animal Cardiac
FOV: 90°
Biopsy kit: NA

p4-2s (Sector)

Applications: Equine and large animal cardiac
FOV: 90°
Biopsy kit: NGB-011, multi-angle, reusable

L13-3s (Linear)

Applications: Small Animal Abdominal, Vascular, Musculoskeletal,

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